Residents of West Virginia have encountered heavy snowfall in recent years, leading to an increase in basement flooding incidents across various communities in the region. Despite the operation of sump pumps, homeowners are facing water intrusion problems caused by frozen discharge lines.

Identifying the Root Causes

During inspections by our Project Managers, two primary factors contributing to basement flooding have been identified:

  • Snow Plow Accumulation: Snow plows often pile snow against curbs, blocking discharge lines at street level. This blockage forces water back into homes, leading to basement flooding.
  • Frozen Discharge Lines: Ice buildup at the exit elbow of sump pump discharge lines blocks water flow, causing backups and basement flooding.

Immediate Action Steps

If your home is experiencing these issues, there are immediate steps you can take to reduce the risk of flooding:

  • Remove Freeze Plugs: If there is a freeze plug at the discharge line’s exit point, removing it can allow water to flow freely.
  • Separate Underground Lines: If the discharge line goes directly into the ground without a plug, consider separating it from the underground system to prevent water from backing up into the basement.

While these actions provide short-term relief, they do not offer a permanent solution. Water redirected toward the foundation poses a continuous risk of basement flooding and property damage.

Introducing Freeze Relief: A Permanent Solution

Freeze Relief is an innovative product designed to effectively address frozen discharge lines. Installed at the exit point of sump pump discharge lines, Freeze Relief prevents freezing and clogging, ensuring uninterrupted water flow and protecting homes from basement flooding, even in extreme winter conditions.

This low-maintenance unit offers homeowners peace of mind, eliminating the need for constant monitoring and intervention during harsh weather. By investing in Freeze Relief, homeowners can protect their properties and belongings from costly water damage year-round.

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