Are you experiencing a dry, itchy throat or eyes, constant sneezing, nasty odors, and just plain sticky discomfort? The air inside your home could be to blame for these symptoms.

Air that is too dry, for example, can increase your chances of getting sick with a nasty cold or flu. Air with too much moisture can mean dangerous mold and mildew growth. Finally, air that is not purified can lead to allergies or asthma.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental risks to public health today, with 8 out of 10 homes having indoor air health issues. Believe it or not, 50 percent of the air you breathe upstairs in your home comes from the lower level. Dust mites and mold love damp environments like basements and crawl spaces with relative humidity that is above 50 percent.

So what is the best solution for homeowners to improve the air they breathe and take control of excess humidity? Dehumidification! Dehumidification can provide the following benefits:

Cleaner air and less mold

When your home is at the proper level of humidity, there less chance for mold, mildew and moisture. Plus, a proper dehumidifier will provide powerful air filtration to remove unwanted allergens and irritants.

Increased energy efficiency

This is especially true during the summer. High humidity levels can make temperatures inside feel warmer than they really are. This means adjusting the thermostat more often than necessary, causing energy bills to go up. A dehumidifier will increase the overall comfort of your home and make it feel a lot cooler.

Improvements to your health

If you are already suffering from asthma or other allergies, excess moisture could be making your condition worse, or even be the cause of it. A dehumidifier allows you to take control of the air you breathe.

But not all dehumidifiers are created equal. Check out our blog next week to see the benefits of a professional grade dehumidifier over the ones you can purchase in big box store. You will be making a choice that creates the healthy, comfortable space your family deserves.