Located Northwest of Columbus, Dublin, Ohio actually falls within Franklin, Delaware and Union counties. Settled in 1802, this city was named after Dublin, Ireland by John Shields because it reminded him of his birthplace. Dublin is home to the headquarters of a number of large companies, including Cardinal Health, IGS Energy, Stanley Steemer, Wendy’s, OCLC, Pacer International and MindLeaders.

When Wes Martin, Project Manager with The Basement Doctor, arrived at this Dublin home, it was evident that there were several areas of concern that were causing stress to these homeowners. The homeowners knew they had some cracks in their basement walls, but it was now bowing, and the wet walls started growing mold. Wes walked the outside of the home to investigate gutters, downspouts and grading, but found no indication that any of these played into the issues found below. Once inside the basement, Wes determined that years of settling, freezing, thawing and a high water table caused the foundation issues. As you can see from the pictures, the horizontal and stair-step cracking, the bowing and mold are pretty severe.

Some foundation cracks and stair-step cracks are common in settling. However, these cracks become a problem when they get too big or allow water to enter the home. Once the water enters the block wall and works its way through the cracks, the home faces a new issue: MOLD. This picture to the right shows mold developing in the corner and the picture above shows the stains on the walls that indicate the level the water reached and stayed at for a long period of time. Now the homeowner has a number of issues that need attention immediately. The cracks are allowing water to enter the home which is causing mold to grow, and the weakened walls are now bowing and causing the foundation to weaken. This puts the structural integrity of the home in jeopardy.

Thankfully this homeowner called the right place and The Basement Doctor is On The Job! Wes has proposed The Force wall stabilizer to straighten the walls, The Anabec mold system to destroy the mold, mildew and bacteria along with Basement Doctor wall epoxy to coat, protect and seal the wall. Once this basement is repaired, the homeowners will have one less thing to worry about in their home.