Effective Wet Basement Waterproofing in Spencer, WV

Client Name:
Vicky J.
Project Manager:
Thomas Kirl
Spencer, WV 25276


The homeowner called in to The Basement Doctor WV wanting to fix some issues in her basement. She noticed during heavy rains, water would seep into the basement. The water seepage started causing multiple issues including: damage to the dry wall, trim and insulation. Mold had started to form in small amounts and a musty smell had developed. These were multiple issues that developed one after the other, and the homeowner needed assistance right away. The homeowner scheduled a free estimate so we could provide her with a solution.


The Basement Doctor WV sent project manager Thomas Kirl out to diagnose the problem. Thomas is a seasoned professional who is proven in this industry assisting homeowners. Thomas determined that the existing foundation drains had failed, and was preventing water from draining away from the foundation. He had an in depth discussion with the homeowner about what they wanted to accomplish with the basement. It was agreed that interior sub-floor waterproofing and a sump pump was needed. The customer also wanted to take precautionary measures in the event of a power outage. A battery backup was installed along with the 1/2hp primary pump. This gave the homeowner further peace of mind that water could no longer leak in and damage her home.

Special Consideration

Mrs. J had other estimates from different companies to install exterior drainage. The homeowner didn’t want to dig around the outside through means of excavation, which would damage her landscaping. She didn’t like the warranty that was provided by those companies either. What made Mrs. J choose The Basement Doctor WV; was our ability to complete the work in one day without destroying her yard, and our lifetime warranty!