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Resolving a Leaky Basement in Charleston, WV

Client Name:
Margaret M.
Project Manager:
Thomas Kirl
Charleston, WV 25302


The homeowner called in to The Basement Doctor because she wanted to address water in her leaky basement. Ms. M stated that this has been an ongoing issue that needed to be inspected by a professional. When water is in a basement it can cause damage to your home and wallet. The homeowner also wanted to sell her home, but couldn’t put it on the market without fixing this major issue. She stated that she had tried many solutions but none seemed to work! The homeowner scheduled a free estimate that could provide her with a solution.


The Basement Doctor of West Virginia sent project manager Thomas Kirl out to assess the leaky basement. Thomas has exceptional experience in this industry, and in making sure our customers are satisfied. Thomas went out to determine the source of the problem and give a solution based on his findings. During the consultation, Thomas determined that the terrain features and the failure of the existing foundation drain were the cause of water in the basement. The Basement Doctor of West Virginia team came in and installed a sub floor waterproofing and sump pump system with a battery backup unit. Whitecap wall was also installed on her basement wall. As a company we take pride in providing our homeowners with peace of mind and a safer living environment.

Special Consideration

Due to the nature of older construction, a wall system was needed to control water seepage high up on the wall. White Cap Wall was installed with the waterproofing. This not only provided protection from water coming in high on the wall, but also brightened up the basement. This was crucial for the home’s presentation, making it an inviting place for potential buyers.