Enhancing Safety with Egress Window Installation in Ripley, WV

Client Name:
Daniel W.
Project Manager:
Thomas Kirl
Ripley, WV 25271


The homeowner called in to The Basement Doctor because he wanted to make some additions to his unfinished basement. He wanted to add some bedrooms, but also wanted to address something important before continuing the improvement process. He needed to first install egress windows. According to the West Virginia State residential code; Section R310.1 states, every sleepable room shall have one openable emergency escape and rescue window. This is for the sole purpose of emergency escape and rescue. The homeowner wanted to be in compliance, so he scheduled a free estimate so that we could provide him with a solution.


The Basement Doctor WV sent project manager Thomas Kirl out for an assessment. Thomas is a certified professional, and arrived ready to assist the homeowner. The objective was to measure and find the best possible location to place the egress windows. During this process, Thomas had to secure two window locations that would realistically provide a safe means of emergency rescue and exit. After discussions with the homeowner, an agreement was reached to have the egress window installed. The Basement Doctor WV crew was on hand to ensure a successful installation. The homeowner was left satisfied knowing that in the event of an emergency, there were multiple escape routes. As a company, we take great pride in providing homeowners with peace of mind and a safer living environment.

Special Consideration

This was a situation where the family wanted to make enhancements, but needed to address a safety and legal issue before they could move forward.