Damp Crawl Space Resolved with Encapsulation in Mannington, WV

Client Name:
Mr & Mrs. R.
Project Manager:
Thomas Kirl
Mannington, WV 25276


Mr. R called into The Basement Doctor because he was having issues with his crawl space. He noticed that his crawl space was very damp. This dampness was causing a musty smell throughout the whole crawl space area. Mr. and Mrs. R began to worry about what unhealthy conditions this could cause for their crawl space in the future. They scheduled a free consultation with The Basement Doctor to find a solution.


The Basement Doctor sent project manager Thomas Kirl out for an assessment of the crawl space. Thomas is a seasoned professional who provides service to homeowners throughout the area. During the assessment, Thomas discovered damp and musty smells along with some organic growth on the wood. Thomas also noticed that the humidity level in the crawl space was very high. After the assessment, it was determined that a crawl space encapsulation was the best option moving forward. By keeping the moisture in the dirt from evaporating, this would completely solve the problem. Crawl space encapsulation would also keep the area safe from the outside elements, including unwanted bugs and critters. The homeowners agreed to move forward with the installation project. The Basement Doctor crew successfully completed a full crawl space encapsulation. The homeowners were given peace of mind knowing their crawl space problem was solved permanently.