Strengthening Garrison, KY Basement Wall with Carbon Fiber Supports

Client Name:
Jim S.
Project Manager:
Thomas Kirl
Garrison, KY 41141


The homeowner called in to The Basement Doctor because he had a bowing basement wall. He noticed some cracks on that wall as well, and it increased his concern. He was worried that if he didn’t address the issue soon, the overall structural integrity of the wall would be affected. The homeowner needed a solution, so he scheduled a free consultation with an expert.


The Basement Doctor sent Project Manager Thomas Kirl out for an assessment. Thomas has a wealth of experience, and provides customers with problem-solving solutions daily. Thomas had a detailed discussion with the homeowner so he could properly diagnose the issue. Thomas performed a complete inspection, and found that one of the walls was indeed bowing inward. The homeowner wanted to reinforce the wall without having to dig up the yard and rebuild it. Knowing that exterior excavation was not an option, Thomas determined that carbon fiber supports would correct the problem and keep the wall from moving further inward. After the homeowner’s approval, The Basement Doctor crew installed the carbon fiber supports on the bowing wall and restored peace of mind for the homeowner.